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While I am an enthusiatic birder, I am first and foremost a Christian and my faith has greatly increased my appreciation of the natural world and of the God who created all things with such care and wisdom. My interest in birds has been with me as long as I can remember and my quest to see unusual species in Britain has taken me from the Isles of Scilly to the Outer Hebrides and many places in between, using photography as a means to record what I have seen. I have also been been fortunate enough to travel to many other parts of the world. Africa in particular has held a special attraction and has been the subject of several memorable journeys shared with my wife Linda. The advent of the digital camera has revolutionised wildlife photography and my focus (pun intended!) these days is to obtain satisfying images of birds as opposed to merely ticking or counting them. As with many birders, my interest is not limited to birds but extends to the natural world in general and retirement from the Civil Service has provided much valued freedom to pursue my interests. I have used Nikon equipment for many years and currently use D3 and D300s cameras. My lenses include 105 micro, 80-400 VR and the 500VR (normally with TC17E converter). A Gitzo 3530LS carbon fibre tripod and Systematic head provide the necessary support.