tom hardwick(non-registered)
I just don't know how you do it David. Every picture looks pure and perfect, from the pose of the bird to the lighting, background and depth of field. I've found the info attached to each picture fascinating, giving me an insight to the kit you must carry around and the stealth and patience you must have to get shots like this.
Lucina Prime(non-registered)
I just discovered this site and so far I've been exploring the Trinidad and Tobago section. I am fascinated with the wonderful pictures and the rich variety of species. I am Trinidadian and I especially enjoy identifying those birds that I see regularly in my own garden, as well as learning the proper names for those that I don't see often. I'm bookmarking the site to explore everything later. Thanks for providing the opportunity!
Dave Bartlett(non-registered)
Some great stuff here David, especially from the memorable trip to Finland and Norway!! That double duck shot of the kings is spectacular.
Hi I visited your site and found there are many interesting pictures, I'll be there often looked, greetings from the Valley River Barycz
rosie green(non-registered)
Some wonderful shots from Hungary, David. The spoonbill shots are especially striking.You clearly had plenty of action in the sunshine. I have decidedly miserable looking spoonbills, hunkered up against relentless rain! Next year!!
Loved the hare shots as well. In fact, loved the lot!! Great variety.
I'm looking at ClickIT as a possible website at the moment. I haven't really got on with Zenfolio but I'm pleased you talked about websites as it got me thinking!
Good shooting!
Rosie Green(non-registered)
Hi David. You've got some utterly beautiful images on your website. The fine feather detail on the Bee eaters was breathtaking. I've just spent the morning with Zenfolio! I went for a 14 day free trial and I'm uploading photos with abandon at the moment.
You were right; it is relatively easy. We'll see how it goes. I'll send you an invite when I've finished it.
Looking forward to seeing your Hungary shots. I'm going back next May in the hope of better light.

I'll keep in touch!
steve knell(non-registered)
Just had a nosey through your site - awesome lammerguir !
Thanks for company in Hungary and also getting me rolling on sorting out a website - am gonna try get something started this week .
Will send you that wood warbler shot when i process me stuff, not even downloaded them yet !

Cheers David

peter fenton(non-registered)
Hi David, so pleased to have met you and thank you for sharing your fantastic photos. I shall pass onto my friends
your web site and I look forward to seeing some more of your superb photos. regards Peter
Margaret Jones(non-registered)
Hi David, your photo's are fabulous, thank you, glad I found your web site (I know Peggy and Liz)
Steve Carder(non-registered)

I have initially restricted myself to your Pyrenees trip. Our new widescreen laptop begins to come into its own, but it's a combination of you and the man who sets out the meat for the vultures who have done the hard work. Fantastic! Very glad you gave me your business card.
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